Automatic Scraper Strainers are designed to automatically remove contaminants from 18cm down to 100 microns in size from all liquid process flows. Ideally suited for purification of water intake from lakes and rivers, or for removing waste from industrial effluent or other wastewater treatment. Unlike conventional backwash-design strainers, the Scraper Strainer can automatically remove all large solid particles, even bottles and cans.

Armstrong International is the global leader in providing steam, hot water, and condensate system solutions. Armstrong continues to prove they understand the needs of individual industries and can save you energy and money. Think of Armstrong to provide you with innovative and time-proven solutions to your energy problems.

Check-All Valve, dependable, versatile, adaptable, economically designed check valves for virtually all your applications. Wide variety of standard valves for immediate shipment or valves specially designed for your installation.

CSI provides thermal maintenance systems for heating and cooling of liquid/vapor processes. Provides ControTrace® engineered tracing and ControHeat® jacketing. For less critical processes, CSI can provide HΔT® enhanced tube tracing. Additionally, CSI can supply pre-insulated tubing and steam traps. As a technology-neutral supplier, CSI evaluates all aspects for each project to deliver the most optimized heating solution available – maximizing savings for both capital and ongoing operational costs.

Enerquip’s Sanitary Grade shell and tube heat exchangers offer superior performance in every application. The food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, biotech and industrial markets use the Enerquip line of heat exchangers nationally and internationally.

JFD is a premier manufacturer of ASME Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Replacement Tube Bundles, Chiller Barrels, and Coils. Repair and retubing services are available for your existing coils.

Heat recovery systems, blowoff tanks & blowdown separators, boiler water sample coolers, and boiler chemical treatment skids.

DRS Marlo Coil is a leading manufacturer of custom engineered heat transfer coils. Coils are fabricated to your specifications or based on measurements taken by our field specialists of your existing coils. Superior quality and service.

Offers engineered blanket insulation solutions for a comprehensive approach to thermal and acoustic control. They manufacture the INSULTECH Thermal Acoustic Blanket system, encompassing various functionalities.

Thrush Company is known as a quality manufacturer of hydronic specialties, including circulating pumps, shell and tube heat exchangers, pre-packaged systems, instantaneous water heaters, air vents and tanks.