Training at Merlo Energy

Build your team’s knowledge.

Merlo Energy offers a variety of hands-on product training and industry specific training opportunities that can be scheduled conveniently at your facility. Gain hands on experience and acquire the skills to improve your operations and system productivity.

Hands-on Training

Explore steam basics, trap operation, and best practice applications in our steam and hot water seminars. These back-to-back sessions cover everything from fundamental concepts to installation techniques and energy-saving strategies. Gain hands-on experience with operational equipment and leave with improved skills in identifying and mitigating energy losses, along with insights into essential piping practices for optimal system efficiency.


Unlocked the Power of Steam: 5 Part Webinar Series


These free monthly 1-hour sessions cover a variety of topics including the basics of steam technology, steam generation and distribution, and condensate drainage. They can help you navigate and optimize your steam systems effectively whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional.



Armstrong University

Learn with Armstrong International through their online courses or at their learning centers. Get quick, easy access to free, online courses in steam, condensate, humidification, hot water, water treatment, flow measurement, environmental health and safety, refrigeration, and more.


Customizable On-Site Training

Learn how to optimize and improve your system with our Lunch & Learns. Experience product and industry specific training courses designed for you. Our trained experts will provide a custom curriculum tailored for your personnel, organization, and industry, and conveniently conducted at your facility. Whether you’re in hospitality or another institutional sector, we have the training to enhance your operations. Choose from a variety of steam topics covering basic concepts to advanced skills.

Topics include:

Steam Fundamentals

Learn the basics of steam and condensation of steam and flash steam. Review steam quality and understand dry, wet, and superheated steam. This session will also go over terminology and units.

Steam Distribution & Regulation

Learn piping practices including drip legs, air vents, and steam separators. Review how to install fittings and valves and size steam lines. You will leave with an understanding of pipe expansions and steam flow metering. Along with learning types of pressure and pressure regulating valves. Finally, we will discuss PRV Station Designs.

Steam Utilization

In this session you will learn basic heat transfer and steam applications. You will leave with an understanding of temperature controls, control schemes and temperature regulators. Lastly, we will dive into condensate removal and heat exchanger stall.

Condensate Drainage Steam Traps & Pumps

Learn the types of steam traps and applications. Leave with a better understanding of open vs. closed condensate. Finally, we will review return systems including more details on, electric and non-electric condensate, pumps, and flash steam recovery.

Steam to Hot Water Heating

Learn the types of hot water heaters including shell & tube, plate & frame, and tank with coil. We will discuss control schemes – feedback and feed forward. Then finally we will go over Legionella considerations and steam system stall.