About Merlo Energy

Merlo Energy is a manufacturer’s representative and stocking distributor of steam, condensate, hot water, and air specialty products. We pride ourselves in being a solution provider for our customers. Our focus is on you. Focused on energy conservation, Merlo Energy is committed to providing solutions that will reduce your energy costs. Our service group offers audits to identify energy losses and product solutions so that you can start saving energy right away.

We represent some of the best manufacturers in the industry, and have the experience and expertise to help you develop steam and hot water system Best Practices. Merlo Energy offers an Energy Partnership with benefits: The best available methods of steam system testing and preventative maintenance, along with quality products to maximize your steam and hot water systems sustainability and energy cost avoidance.

If you are located in Michigan, Ohio, Southeast Indiana, Kentucky or West Virginia, contact us to find out how Merlo Energy will work with you to lower energy costs, improve production efficiency, reduce downtime, and increase profits.


  • SEMPPES – South East Michigan Power Plant Engineers Society
  • ASHE- American Society For Health Care Engineering